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Ed Beaver has performed with some of the greatest songwriters around. His credits include shows with Thom Bresh, Jim Parker, Jim Pasquale, Rock Killough, Aaron Barker, Robert K. Wolf, Lisa Carver, and Bobby Keel to name a few. He is a Pensacola Beach Songwriter Festival discovery having played here first when he began his ascent into public performance after a hiatus. The first run of his album, “Working Tapes” sold out within weeks of release. He is a member of The 3 B's with Thom Bresh and Bobby Keel, a very popular songwriting triad. He has performed in Texas, New Mexico, California, New York, Alabama, Florida and Tennessee. He was a featured writer at a recent Jim Parker Songwriter Series in Huntsville, Alabama. Ed loves this festival and considers it a homecoming performance.

Matraca Berg - It's Easy To Tell / Baby, Walk OnMatraca Berg - It's Easy To Tell / Baby, Walk On