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What are the symptoms of nightfall or nocturnal emission?

There are no definite symptoms of these emissions to avoid them, the only identification is that these ejaculations occur at night when person is asleep and occur involuntarily.

What are the causes of nocturnal emissions?

Experts have not been able to establish any conclusive cause for nocturnal emission till today but some popular theories have been developed suggesting reasons for this problem. Erotic dreams are considered as major cause for these emissions by large number of experts. At young age when a person is approaching puberty the reproductive system too gets active which makes one feel attracted towards opposite gender, these fits of attraction during day time create erotic dreams at night to cause nocturnal emissions.

Some experts of similar opinion suggest increased hormonal activity during young age as the reason for nocturnal emissions. Some people do not face this problem even after they have had an erotic dream at night. Neither the age nor frequency of these emissions can be compared as they vary from person to person. Problem of nocturnal emissions in the people above the age of 35 may occur due to stress, hormonal imbalance, sexual weakness, muscular weakness, lack of activity and due to other diseases related to nervous system. Rubbing of bed sheets against genitals unknowingly during the sleep is also considered as possible reason for nocturnal emission by many experts. This activity arouses a person so much that he orgasm causing wet dreams or nightfall. People who have stopped bed wetting at later age than normal are considered as more prone to this problem during or after their puberty.

People involved in excessive masturbation during their young age may also face this problem at later stages. Experts are of not same opinion and a conclusive relation has not been established between masturbation and nocturnal emissions. Some suggest lack of masturbation increase chances of nocturnal emissions while some suggest that presence of nocturnal emission reduces desire for masturbation in a person who has been involved in this self stimulation activity at his young age. However till today no serious threat has been noticed by medical science due to nightfall or wet dreams to overall health but frequent occurrence of these shall be taken seriously.

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Nocturnal Emissions - World TurningNocturnal Emissions - World TurningNocturnal Emissions - World TurningNocturnal Emissions - World Turning